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June 16, 2012


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OK. Now lemme calm down a bit and get to reviewing .__. I CAN'T CALM SO EXCUSE MY RANDOM OUTBURSTS OF FANDOMNESS.
So animation again... This episode just said it all. Wowowowowow.

So we start off the episode with Korra resting in bed and Mako holding her hand. Even though I started off hating Asami, watching her peering through the door made me feel bad for her :( Mako you poopface. Then we have Tenzin checking up on his family. They're so adorable and Amon is a jackass for trying to attack them >:O

Then we go to Korra eating and starting to regain herself. And sitting next to her... Mako. (I'm such a huge Makorra fan but I can't help but feel for Asami.) Korra announces the news about Tarrlok being Yakone's son and they get to the conclusion that Amon is entering his end game.

In the kitchen Asami is helping Pema with the dishes when Pema bends over in pain because of the baby. She decides not to tell Tenzin about it not to worry him with everything else going on. Then Mako comes in and asks for some hot water. Asami comes up with some witty remark telling him to boil it himself considering he is a firebender. It's apparent then that Asami is clearly mad at Mako. (I found Pema to be really adorable at this part where she walks out letting the 2 talk.) Mako, who is clearly oblivious, asks if there is something to talk about and Asami tells him straight up. Mako accuses Bolin of spilling but Asami defends Bolin saying that it wasn't his fault. (AND ASAMI LIKES KORRA. MAYBE THEY BE BFFL :D)
Mako: Look. Things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later?
Asami: Well, there might not be any relationship to worry about later.

Now we come to Tenzin asking Lin for a favor. Conclusion: Lin no babysitter.… But oh goodness. Meelo you're so cute. "I gotta poop! Real bad!"

Then we're at the fire councilwoman's home where it seems like the typical husband wife relationship LOL. The equalists arrive at her house. The woman gets shocked but I can't really say I feel for her after following all of Tarrlok's idiotic schemes.

TENZINTENZINTENZIN. YOU BAMF. I was literally having a heart attack at this point. I was like NUUUUU. TENZIN PLEASE DON'T GET KIDNAPPED. But because he is so BAMF he did not. There was some crazy airbending action in this scene. After Tenzin owns those equalists, the page person (Is that a woman or male? Can somebody please explain? LOL. I've been trying to figure out for the longest time.) tells Tenzin that the other councilmen have been taken by Amon. Then airships arrive and buildings start getting bombed. Holy crap. I was peeing my pants at this point. Equalist= Terrorists.

Back at Air temple Island: Lin tells the Korra krew and the kiddies that Republic City is being attacked.

On the equalist airship: Hiroshi is looking at a picture of him, ASAMI'S MOMMY, and Asami when she was younger. Then he's talking with Amon how he's been waiting for this day forever. YOU HORRIBLE MAN. YOUR WIFE WOULD BE SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.

Back with the Korra Krew: Korra's terrible parking job LOL. The Avatar was not meant to drive anything but animals. Mako does this fancy fire trick and burns all the parking tickets.  And damn. Asami shoots down Mako and tells him to sit in the back. With Korra. (Anyone else up for some Bosami?!)

Tenzin arrives at some sort of military base? Lol Idk. Tenzin says that he needs to send a wire(phone call, telegram?) to the general of United Forces. Then the smoking begins. Tenzin airbubblebends Chief Saikhan and the group out of their safely... or so they assume. Outside they are greeted by a bunch of equalists in Mecha-tanks. These Mecha-tanks are crazy. They come with some crazy magnets and since the Metalbending cops are dressed in metal... welp... you all know how it works. I really love all the airbending action they're putting into the series. In ATLA, they airbending is more simple blasts and flying what not. But in TLOK, there's like crazy whirlwinds, airslices, airgrabbing, and just a bunch of other air stuff. Tenzin fends himself for as long as he can but eventually gets knocked out. Luckily team Avatar comes to the rescue. The action in this scene is absolutely amazing. They really show off each element really well. Mako, his firebending, and his awesome lightning bending skills... Dammit. You hot piece of asscrack. Korra and her crazy waterbending that shut down the tank and Bolin and his crazy earthbending skills as well. Even Asami, the nonbender, was insanely amazing. (I'm really starting to love her more and more. Beautiful and kickass :love: ) She kicks equalist ass before they can take Tenzin and the rest away. Tenzin regains consciousness and blasts a Mecha-tank into the next century.

Hiroshi watches from the airship and says that he can't stand watching Asami fight alongside with benders. Amon tells Hiroshi that he will soon be with Asami agani (.__. No Amon. Asami must stay with the benders.)

Back to Tenzin: He thanks the Korra krew for saving him. Then Mako points out (I have no idea how he even saw that but it's a cartoon so I guess it's possible.) the airship overhead Air Temple Island. Omg. I was gonna cry. HOW DARE HE THINK ABOUT ATTACKING THE LAST AIRBENDERS. AMON YOU HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MAN YOU. HOW CAN YOU ATTACK THESE CRAZY YET ADORABLE CHILDREN?!

At Air Temple Island: The White Lotus go into action. Lin tells everyone to go inside and remain calm. Pema screams in pain. Out of all times, her water breaks and she's about to give birth. LOL MEELO. "NOT NOW BABY!" The Air Nomad Acolyte ladies come to help Pema.

The White Lotus starts spewing a barrage of elements at the Equalists trying to prevent them them from coming any closer. The Lieutenant faces Lin and her sick ass bending skills. Pema asks where the children are and the woman taking care of her tells her they're safe in the other room. But clearly they're not when Jinora comes to Lin's rescue after she gets electrocuted.
Jinora: Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend.
LOL... Oh Jinora. Jinora blasts the Lieutenant away. Then Ikki comes out in Aang's famous air scooter and tells the Equalists to get off their island. Lin tells the girls to go back inside. OH GOODNESS. OH GAWD. MEELO. I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU. I hate to say it but Meelo is more of the comic relief than Bolin. LOL. He comes in and farts on the Equalist's faces yelling "TASTE MY FURY." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then he does some crazy bending... OH GAWD MEELO. OH GAWD. Meelo does this sick airbending bubble and they decide to slow motion this part. Meelo has this crazy Reptar(anyone else know where I'm referencing Reptar from xD) scene where his face... LOL. OH MY. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME MEELO. And Lin's face is just like 'uh.. okay then.'

Tenzin and the others arrive on Oogi. The kids run to their dad and Meelo tells Tenzin that they caught the bad guys. Tenzin is kinda like 'Wtf Lin?! You let them fight?!' at first but Lin tells him that if it weren't for them, she would've been with Amon by now.

They go inside to see Pema who has already given birth to their son Rohan(?? I couldn't quite catch the name but that's what everybody's saying it is so...) Korra apologizes for interrupting the adorable family but announces that more airships have arrived.

Tenzin and his family decide to escape and Lin assists them saying that they're the last airbenders in the world and that they can't afford to lose them. Tenzin tells Korra to run and hide saying that she needs to be patient. Tenzin, his family, and Lin all ride away on Oogi with 2 airships following after them. The White Lotus tells Korra and her friends to escape while they hold the other equalists off. So Korra Krew rides off on Naga. They encounter "Mustache guy" as Bolin calls him (aka Lieutenant) and Naga socks the mofo off the cliff because Naga's a bamf too. They run off into the water and Korra bends the water around them so they can breathe.

Oh. My. Spirits. Lin. You will forever be in our hearts as a bamf-in hero. Lin... you are truly your mother's daughter.
Lin: Whatever happens to me, don't turn back.
Lin jumps off Oogi and on to the airship. GAWD. THEY HAD TO PLAY THIS TRAGIC HEROIC EPIC MUSIC THAT MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH SADDER/INTENSE THAN IT NEEDED TO BE. MY HEART LITERALLY STOPPED AT THIS POINT. Lin does some metalbending and takes down on of the airships by running across the top of the ship literally ripping the top off the ship. Then she shoots herself onto the next ship and starts to do the same. Sadly she is caught off guard and taken by the Equalist. Back on Oogi: Tenzin's family looks back and sees what happens.
Meelo: That lady is my hero.
Meelo... You are absolutely correct. LIN FANS. BE PROUD. Oh gawd. I'm tearing :'(

Back to the Korra Krew: They're in this water sewage thing (IDK). Korra is looking back and Mako comes along telling her that they should get moving. He wraps his arm around her and starts walking leaving an angry looking Asami. Asami... please don't turn evil :( (Ugh. I want Korra and Asami to be best fwans ><)

Lin. Lin. Lin. Lin. You. Are. My. Hero. Our hearts go out to you. Amon asks Lin to tell him where the Avatar is and he won't take away her bending. Lin refuses to tell him and faces her fate like a warrior. (Seriously... they better have a statue for her like next to her mother or something.) She is a true fighter and there is no one on that show that has been as heroic as her yet. Honestly, I love Korra and all but let's face it. If Lin was the Avatar... lol. Amon would've peed his pants from the day he was born. Of course, Lin's bending gets taken away. I'M BAWLINGGGGG. I'M FLOODING MY HOUSE WITH TEARS.

Ok. The ending confused me a bit. The general guy... he's definitely not Zuko. He's too young and has no scar. But he definitely is related to Zuko considering he looks just like him and sounds exactly like him(because he's obviously voiced by Dante Basco.) ALSO THE FACT THAT HIS NAME IS GENERAL IROH. NAMED AFTER ZUKO'S UNCLE IROH. Though so far it's only been announced that Zuko only has a daughter who is the current Firelord. Could it be his son? Or maybe grandson (considering the dude did look pretty young)?! DID HE GET MARRIED TO MAI?! PLEASE TELL ME HE DID.

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JackieStarSister Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I checked the Avatar Wiki, and confirmed that the Council Page is a man. I like your analysis and comparison of the airbending.
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
haha ohh thanks^^ !
Chickenscratch93 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
moonlitinuyasha1985 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
Lin. You truly are a warrior.:salute:
X-Chick303 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the baby is Rohan.
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
So ive heard ^^;
Iggy-1-55-306 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Rohan? Like the country? Did Bryke copyright J. R. R. Tolkien?
X-Chick303 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've never read lord of the rings (my parents making me watch the movies made me gate the books), so i'll take your word for it.
Iggy-1-55-306 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you've seen the movies then you should know about Rohan..... what do you mean they made you gate the books?
JackieStarSister Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Rohan is an Indian name, and apparently the name of one of the writer's uncle.
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