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June 9, 2012


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Holy cheese biscuits.
What da fuq just happened...?!?!?!?
Ok so I'm just gonna go through the whole episode so if you didn't watch it yet...

Ok to start off, as usual, animation was AMAZING :D

In the beginning of the episode we have Tarrlok creepily bloodbending Korra down the stairs to some shady basement into a metal box. He effin locks her in there... and drives away. YOU HORRIBLE MAN.

Then we're at Tenzin's house.... OMG. SO FREAKING ADORABLE LOLOL. We see Pema and Tenzin sleeping together... and Meelo in the middle. The phone rings and he literally crawls over Tenzin's face to answer it. LOL. "Who is this? It's 6 in the morning. It better be important." OH GOODNESS MEELO YOU ADORABLE LITTLE CREATURE. Then Tenzin finds out Korra's been kidnapped.

Tenzin arrives at city hall to a lying Tarrlok.… So now everyone thinks that it was Amon who kidnapped Korra.

Then we come across Lin in her room lying in bed healing. Okay. So she gets up and does this crazy thing with her uniform. She metal bends that shit onto her and it. was. so. awesome. She goes to the jail and busts Asami, Mako, and Bolin out. BOLINNNNNN LOL.
Mako: Are you done yet?
Bolin: Cover your ears! I can't go with you listening!
Bolin is trying to pee when Lin busts open the door and Asami runs in. LOL @ BOLIN'S FACE. Lin tells them how Korra's been captured and Mako automatically reacts. (Oh snap. Makorra time.) AND THEN OMGGGG HAHAHA. LIN METALBENDS TO ZIP BOLIN'S PANTS UP FOR HIM AHAHAHAHAHA.

Now we're back to Korra trapped in the box trying to meditate. GUYS. WE FINALLY HEAR TOPH AND AANG'S VOICE. I love Toph's voice. Aang's voice... eh... I imagined it different. Toph still calls him Twinkletoes!!! Haha Aang comments on that asking if she can stop with the nicknames. Toph walks away saying "Afraid not." LOL. Man... young or old, you gotta love them. They go to arrest Yakone while he's eating lunch. (6 finger Toph lawls.) Ok so in this part... did anyone else think that Aang kinda sounded like Batman?!

Back in Tenzin's office, Lin, Mako, Bolin, and Asami walk in surprising Tenzin. Mako is jumping on Korra going missing damnnnnnn. MAKORRAAAAA. Lin says that they might be underground and Asami brings up her father's underground factory. They arrive to the Equalist tunnel. So walking through the tunnel, Asami asks Bolin if Mako is alright saying that he's really worried about Korra. Then here comes the big question.
Asami: Do you think Mako likes Korra as more than just a friend?
DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN. Bolin tries to act like it's a ridiculous question and that Mako doesn't but fails miserably. He ends up telling Asami that Korra and Mako kissed. Asami gets shocked and disappointed. Bolin jumps in saying that he was upset too but he got over it. Although they find Lin's officers, they don't find Korra. But they already had their bending stripped away. Mako pins an equalist to the wall asking where Korra is. The equalist explains saying that they don't have her and never attacked City Hall. That's when they figure out Tarrlok is a pooping lying douchebag. The alarms have been sounded and they're trying to escape. "CHI BLOCK THAT FOOLS!" Oh goodness. Bolin<3 Then Lin does some sick ass bending and the escape safely.

Back to Korra: She's still meditating. Sokka's a councilman! His voice, I imagined much different too but you can tell there is some funniness in the way he talks making him still the funny and lovable Sokka. Yakone is a bloodbender and he bloodbends the shit out of everyone in the room. That is some scary shit yo.

Back at City Hall: Tenzin shines the light toward Tarrlok and accuses him of kidnapping Korra. Tarrlok denies but his page person says otherwise. She says she saw Tenzin taking Korra. Lin asks her why she waited until now to confess and she shouts out that it's because she was terrified bc Tarrlok is a bloodbender.

LOL. Lin wakes Tenzin up by slapping him across the face.

Back to Korra again: Yakone runs away after bloodbending everyone but Aang goes into Avatar state and chases after him on that cool ball of air. Yakone bloodbends Aang again but Aang goes into Avatar state once more and takes away Yakone's bending. Then Tarrlok comes down and Korra tells Tarrlok that she knows he is Yakone's son.

Now this is part where Amon comes in. Holy shit guys. He is soooooooooo freaking scary. Tarrlok bloodbends the chiblockers but is unable to bloodbend Amon?! He takes away Tarrlok's bending. Amon just keeps going guys. Who is he?!  Korra hears what's going on and Amon telling the lieutenant to shock the box before they open it and not to underestimate her. Korra ish sho smart. She uses her arm bands to hang from the bars on top of the box. She fakes being shocked and when they open the box... BAM. Burst of fire and she escapes. She faces Amon and makes a run for it. Amon can't keep up so he gives up. Korra is sledding down the hill when she trips and passes out. Naga comes to the rescue out of nowhere and brings her back to Republic City.

Naga howls. Tenzin & the crew hear it and find Korra. They start asking her how she escaped and if she's alright but Mako runs in like BITCH MOVE. telling everyone to back up and give her some space. He carries her away and Asami... well yea... Mako tells Korra how worried he was and asks if she's alright. The episode ends with Mako brushing Korra's face saying she's safe.

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JackieStarSister Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. :) Disregarding the excessive swearing, this was amusing to read, even now.

My personal theory is that some of Aang's cleverness rubbed off on Korra when she thought to use her armband to save herself.

Can I just say that Naga is awesome? She's a real hero in this episode, and in a few others too. She's a bit of Deus ex machina, but it seems plausible as it has been mentioned that she's a great tracker and had also gone missing, and since she's Korra's animal guide they have a strong (almost spiritual?) bond.

Frankly I think Makorra Time had already started. ;)
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
haha Naga is just pure bamf material :) but I guess that is bc she is a polar bear ddog ;)
Cristina37 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Bryan stop messing with my MAKORRA FEELINGS!!!
SeruWolf Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!? its got me ALL RILED UP dammit i want the next episode!!!
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
SeruWolf Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
I know right?! :| im itchin so bad to see it...
WildDragonFlying Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O.O Well, thanks for catching me up, and now to go find this episode on YouTube! *runs*
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
LOL. No problem :)
vocaloiddjartist Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Artist
lol love how you put in the ending B**** MOVE!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.......BUT YOU DESCRIBED IT JUST LIKE THE EPISODE nice job!!
aer-dna Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Haha thanks xD
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